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Hi, I'm Matt Kerlogue.

I do things with data.


I’m a freelance data science, analysis and visualisation consultant based in London. I have a passion for data storytelling and making analytical insights accessible to all, particularly for the public good. I’m also an advocate for code-based, reproducible and open-source approaches to analysis. I have subject matter expertise in the areas of public governance, organisational effectiveness, workforce development and employee engagement.

I am a skilled communicator of data and analysis to a wide range of audiences both technical and non-technical, from the most senior officials and analysts in the UK government to front-line managers; and, an accomplished workshop designer and facilitator.

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You can see more case studies of projects and examples in my portfolio.

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If you’re interested in working together, please email me at mSPAM [at] kerlogue [dot] co [dot] uk.

I’m on Mastodon, where I’m I’m also Twitter, where I’m @mattkerlogue. You can view my open-source coding projects on GitHub. I also blog from time to time as The Lapsed Geographer.